Multiple Tune Placement on the page

Placing two tunes on a page with titles in between or, if part of a medley, without them, can be a challenge.

Multiple Titles on a Page

When you start a second/third tune in a file, you'd be tempted to do this by entering another title, changing the tempo and moving on. If you try this, you'll see that you don't get the title line. In fact, all of the following lines will be "complained" about -


and these will be ignored

"",(T,L,0,0,Times New Roman,16,700,0,0,18,0,0,0)
"",(Y,C,0,0,Times New Roman,14,400,0,0,18,0,0,0)
"",(M,R,0,0,Times New Roman,14,400,0,0,18,0,0,0)
"",(F,R,0,0,Times New Roman,12,400,0,0,18,0,0,0)

Only the header command


is interpreted properly.

In order to get the title information to print or the instrument mappings to change, you need to reset the program to be able to interpret the commands which are typically at the beginning of the data file. In short, you need to include the line

Bagpipe Music Writer Gold:1.0


Bagpipe Reader:1.0

above the insertion of these commands in order to have them properly recognized.

 Tune Position on the Page

Another challenge is getting some additional space between tunes if you're making a book. There is a line in the the BMW32.ini file that reads VerticalSpacingBetweenTunes=250.  The value is in thousandths of inches. 

Modifications of this value may result in the desired positioning. 

Other Issues

I still don't understand all the logic and end up with different tunes printing with different widths.  The only way I can print a medley all at the same width is to leave out all the codes above.  Consequently, I put tune titles in as "in-line" comments.  It works, but it's not "pretty".

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