Who does good repair work?

The following table is an attempt to provide some information on those who know how to repair/restore a bagpipe.  They are listed in ascending alphabetical last name order.  The comments are my OPINION.

Please let me know about others.

Words from the wizened...(Been there and done that!)

  1. Always start with the maker of your pipes.  They are familiar with them, should have original (matching) parts and may be willing to repair/replace parts for modest fees.
  2. Bagpipe manufacturers make their income mostly from production/sales of new sets.  Repairs get done only after production needs are met. 
  3. Bagpipe vendors will (probably) sub-contract or send your pipes elsewhere for repairs.  Read #2 again.
  4. While It is unlikely that any of the parties involved can tell what a repair will cost or how long it will take over the phone,  they should be be able to give you "quote by" date.  (I've spent up to four months waiting to get a set of pipes back!)
  5. Be sure to specify that all dimensions are to be kept true to the original. (Dimensional changes will change pitch and/or timbre.) 
  6. Changing the finish on the inside (i.e., polishing bores) can affect pitch and timbre - If that's what you want, do it!
  7. Insist upon concentricity in all repairs.  Many unstable pipes are that way because the bores are not perfectly concentric.
  8. Insist upon the highest quality workmanship that the individual can do.
  9. Send only the necessary bits and be sure to get all the original bits back.  (I'm still waiting on a set of drone cords!)
  10. Ship overnight in the winter to avoid temperature issues.
People Contact Info Company Name Comments


Dave Atherton,
Near Chicago D. M. Atherton Bagpipes Ltd. Experience with many different kinds of pipes especially upper end. Proven experience with world-class players.  Broad range of woods and mounts. Very knowledgeable. Not fast. Association with Robertson.
Ron Bowen   The Bagpipe Place "The Guru of Maintenance". Author of book on subject. Lots of experience with pipes and bands.  Close ties with Dunbar.  Does refinishing and reconditioning.  Restores "classic" sets.
Mark Cushing Ithaca, NY Cushing Bagpipe Company  
Thomas Doucet Ontario Thomas Pipe Works I've seen a set of Graingers that were rebored as Hendersons.  Amazing.  Nice mounting work as well.  Works closely with Jim McGillivray.  Also involved with David Marshall (silversmith) making JWM bagpipes.
Lynne Miller California House of Bagpipes  
Rick Pettigrew Ontario J Dunbar Bagpipe Maker Ltd Capable of recreating in blackwood and polypenco. Association with Peter Henderson through Jack Dunbar, who started this business.  Rick is carrying on the tradition.
John Recknagel Georgia Classic Bagpipes Atlanta Does appraising as well.
Greig, Drew or Stephen Sharp Scotland Kintail Bagpipe Company Owns several bagpipe companies.
Cameron Wylie


Cameron Wylie Bagpipe Clinic Cameron is a skilled engineer by trade and has been manufacturing custom Bagpipes for many years (30 plus) His specialty is African Blackwood Chanters and Delrin Chanters.

He has a complete repair service with specialization in Bore Super-Finishing. The process produces a mirror finish in the bores for an unmatched drone tone.  

I've had a great experience with Cameron in which he refurbished an older set of Hendersons using Vulcanite and brass sleeves to take care of years of wear and tear.  He also created beautiful Corian mounts for the set.  The final superfinished bores were outstanding.

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