How does one make a kilt?

We are fortunate to have had a band member who made the majority of the band's interim kilts.  She also made several kilts worn on the field at the World Pipe Band Championships in 1997. Contact me to get in touch with her.

A detailed reference book on kilt-making is Janet Ferguson Cannonito's "Kiltmaking: The Making of a Scottish Kilt" the Tartan Patch, Irvine, California USA 92715.

There was also an excellent discussion entitled " Making a kilt: Sew a man's traditional kilt or a woman's kilt skirt" by Ann Stewart in Threads magazine, volume 33, pages 55-60, February/March 1991. Back issues may be available from Threads, 63 S. Main St., P.O. Box 5506 Newtown, CT 06470-5506.

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