How much does a bagpipe cost?

Cheap sets ($200-$400) of wood shaped like a bagpipe are FAR TOO available (i.e., many music stores and on-line auction houses), but may have poor tonal quality, lack stability and require lots of air thus reducing the piper's ability to play very long or very well.  (NOTE: I've only ever seen one pipe from these sources that would play - after about $300 in new parts.)

The price of a decent set of bagpipes will cost between $950 and $1600 (US) for a basic set.   The lower end of this range may not be made of african blackwood, may have no projecting mounts and may not be combed or beaded.  The upper end of this range will be made of african blackwood, will have these features and will have nickel plated tubing over the "slides". 

More ornate sets may cost up to several thousand dollars. The average price for a set of pipes with imitation ivory projecting mounts and and engraved hallmarked sterling silver is about $5500.

Used sets are occasionally available for less and I'm more than happy to evaluate them.

The most important aspect of a bagpipe is a steady rich tone.  An important maxim to remember is that "it's what's on the inside that counts".

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