Questions and Answers about Piping- the story behind this site

My wife refers to piping as my "disease". In the past few years, I've put several tens of thousands of miles on the car to study this instrument and its music. The miles and time were necessary because there is neither a long nor solid tradition of piping where I live.

As I moved from a wannabe adult learner to a prize-wining Grade II soloist, I've surely re-invented the wheel several dozen times over. This site is my attempt at presenting what I've learned to save you the effort. Perhaps you'll be able to use the time you save to become a better piper or to help someone else become a better piper.

My piping experience has been grounded and rounded by some very fine people met through involvement with different bands,  two summer "piping camps", weekend seminars, highland festivals and though extensive private instruction. I've been involved in "re-starting" a pipe band and in developing it into an organization with a solid musical and financial basis. I've helped to renovate a teaching program that is run through the local adult education program and is now producing pipers and drummers for the band. I've been privy to a good share of band politics. 

Today, I continue to compete, to play at public and private events, to direct piping activities at a local Scottish Festival and have begun to seriously study piobaireachd. I've also recently purchased a lathe and begun to tinker with repairs and modifications. 

The topics are loosely coded with colored arrows starting at "green" for everyone and going to "red" for those who are severely afflicted with this "disease".

I hope you'll find some value in the points of view expressed here.  If you'd like to ask a new question, comment, present an alternative point of view, or comment on the site, please click on the "Contact Me" link to the left. I'd really like to hear from you.

Steve MacLeod

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